SWS Productions


  June 14, 2001

Spain and Victor Krummenacher


17 Sunday at the Rio Theatre

Does Spain make the kind of music that would be perfect for a melancholy evening spent at home in front of the fireplace whittling while you old, trusty dog Shep is resting his head on your knee? Perhaps. There's something about Spain's singer/bassist/principle songwriter Josh Haden's (son of the legendary jazz bassist Charlie Haden) filmy voice that rolls around the jangley, lush, sometimes sad music that stands close (but within

its own personal space) to the Cowboy Junkies or early, early REM. On tour to support their new album, I Believe, Spain's autobiographical songs stick to your ribs and grow better with each listen. Opening the show: Some Santa Cruzan's with good memories may remember Victor Krummenacher of Camper Van Beethoven and Monks of Doom fame. His recently released third solo album, Bittersweet, is one of his best efforts to date and is sure to warmly touch an enlightened alt-country nerve. Krummenacher's songwriting skills are really at the forefront now with deeply personal songs that come straight from love found and love lost. He'll be backed up by ex-King Missile Chris Xefos, Bruce Kaphan (David Byrne and American Music Club), Jogn Hanes (Henry Kaiser and Pearl Harbor) and guitarist Steve Perrone.