Andrew Orci - Drums
Ed Gregor - Vocals, Guitar
Mike Schmiedt - Bass
Daryle Goldfarb - Guitar
Matt Sieling - Bass, Vocals

With so many bands catering to the latest musical fad, it has become nearly impossible to find something which strays from the norm. HEDGEHOG gave us something new with their aggressive blend of jazz and hardcore punk. Considered one of the top bands of Santa Cruz, CA, these talented musicians came together in 1989 and have been big crowd pleasers throughout the Bay Area ever since.

This band builds it's character in the strive to mesh each members unique influences into songs that contain variety without being scattered. They create a combusting sonic niche of their own by not striving to being tagged with a label or adapt their sound to a formula. Using the influences of Jazz and Punk, their music is a mesh between tight, hard-driving, melodic punk and the intricate timing and improvisational freedom of jazz.

Some of their influences include such bands as NOMEANSNO, VICTIMS FAMILY, BLACK SABBATH, KING CRIMSON, RUINS and FUGAZI. Their live performances have become legendary, and they have played with the likes of Fugazi, Melvins, Ruins, SNFU, and Alice Donut among others.

Their first album "YOU HAPPY FACE" was put out by San Diego's CARGO / HEADHUNTER Records in 1991. Their latest album "GNAW" is out on Bay Area label FLAPJACK. They also have a split 7" EP with Japanese band DOOM on Tokyo label HG FACT.